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Building Plans


Why employ a Quantity Surveyor?

A Quantity Surveyor will provide you with assistance to control the costs of your project. 

Through the various services listed below, we can tailor them to suit your brief and requirements to assist you with successfully completing your projects.

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What is a Contract Administrator? 

As Contract administrator, we will manage the contract between the employer and the building contractor.


Contract Administrator can also be referred to as the Employer's Agent. 


A Contract Administrator or Employer’s Agent is required to manage, negotiate, support and execute the contract process. Below we have outlined a brief timeline of a Contract Administrator's role

At pre-contract stage, we can advise on:

  • Procurement - Depending on your brief and desires for your project. We will advise on the most suitable mention of procuring the services of a contractor to best suit your needs.

  • Tendering - Following the selection of a procurement method and collation of the relevant documents. Invitation to Tenders (ITT) are sent to selected contractors. We will guide you through the process and advise upon the most appropriate contractor to proceed with.

  • Contract - Following the successful selection of a contractor. We are responsible for preparing the selected contract and documents for execution/signature.


  • Chair regular meeting to manage parties expectations as the project progresses.

  • Administer the change control procedures as dictated by the executed contract.

  • Substantiate any variations requests and seek approval by the Employer.

  • Issue instructions such as variation, extensions of time, prime cost sums or making good defects.

  • Issue practical completion certificate and agreeing on the defect control procedures.

  • Agreeing on any potential claims and the final account.

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What is Project Management?

At its most fundamental level, construction project management handles the planning, coordination, and execution of a construction project.

Following a brief allow us to engage and communicate with the design team, work to issue tender documentation, appoint a suitable contractor and bring your project to a successful completion.

Construction Workers


What is a Principal Designer?

All construction works are required to comply with the Construction Design & Management Regulation 2015. The Principal Designer takes the lead in planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety during the pre-construction phase (design and planning stage) of a project. 

What is a Principal Designer?

The Principal Designer's role is to ensure that significant and foreseeable risks are managed throughout the design process by liaising with the project team, client and principal contractor.


  • Submit an F10 notification where the site is notifiable under the CDM regulations 2015

  • Assess the site and its ongoing risks. 

  • Make all designers and parties aware of their responsibilities.

  • Compile a Pre-Construction Information pack, this highlights.

    • All the associated parties to the project​.

    • The nature of the project​.

    • Clients considerations and management requirements.

    • Significant design and construction hazards.

    • Health and Safety file requirements.


A construction phase plan is required to be submitted by the contractor. Where your selected contractor does not have the resources to provide this. We can supplement this service to them. 

At project completion, a health and safety file is required. We are also able to provide this service should you require it.

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What does a monitoring surveyor do?

Monitoring surveyors are appointed to protect the interests of those parties who have a financial interest in a construction project. Typically this is lenders but may also include owners, investors and developers.

They monitor the progress of the project, and approve the drawdown of funds. They undertake a range of activities that reduce the financial risk and seek to ensure the long term benefit of the completed project.

The activities include completing an initial audit report prior to the contract being awarded followed by interim reports throughout the project.

Pre-contract/Initial Audit Report, the monitoring surveyor will:

  • Define the goals of the project.

  • Support the feasibility process.

  • Review the cost appraisal.

  • Review and assess the project budget.

  • Advise on the procurement options and suggest a preferred route.

  • Advise on the appointment of sub-consultants.

  • Advise on the requirements to ensure statutory compliance.

Post-contract/Interim Reports :

  • Monitor construction progress with reference to both the programme and the cost plan.

  • Monitor the quality of the work being delivered by the contractor and their appointed sub-contractors.

  • Approve the interim payments in line with the drawdown schedule.

  • Ensure compliance at all stages.

  • Approve Practical Completion of the project.

  • Advise on matters relating to defect rectification throughout the rectification period.

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